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Orthopedic Arch Support Slippers

Custom made Ortho Slippers for Flat Foot, Heel Pain, & Other Foot Conditions

Each Shapecrunch's Customised Orthopedic Slippers and Sandals comes with Arch Support that matches your foot curve. Support your foot to provide adequate pronation and prevents feet from overpronating or under pronating. 

Orthopedic Sandals for Women

Orthopaedic Slippers for Women

Orthopedic Sandals for Men

Orthopaedic Slippers for Men

Are you wearing the wrong Footwear ?

7 out of 10 people wear wrong footwear in India, causing Flat Foot, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, and several other Foot Problems. Foot is the foundation of body. Some issues such as Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain might also be linked to foot.  We create India's first Podiatrist recommended Footwear for Medical Issues, Comfort and well-being.    

Why Shapecrunch has the Best Ortho Slippers ?

Shapecrunch Ortho Slippers with Arch Support compared with regular slippers

Easy Customisation of Ortho Slippers and Sandals in just few steps

Each Ortho Slipper and Sandal is given accommodations to correct your foot deformity and improve your gait. Our each sandal has customised footbed with corrections.  

Ortho Slippers in India ordered from home

Arch Support

Each Shapecrunch's Custom Slippers and Orthopedic Sandals come with Arch Support that matches your foot curve. Support your foot to provide adequate pronation and prevents feet from overpronating or under pronating. Our feet are designed to manage impact from walking or running and to help us remain balanced. The contour, position and height of the Shapecrunch arch support aligns anatomically in the proper place to help support our bodies.

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Ergonomic Design - Made by Doctors and Engineers

While designing our customized slippers, we made sure it is wide from the front, as a narrow toe box can cause many foot problems such as bunions, and aggravate existing foot conditions.There is something to be said about fashionable footwear; however, when fashion wins over function, the result is often foot pain. When it comes to stylish footwear, many people prefer shoes that make their feet appear smaller – but you might choose shoes that are either too short or narrow for the foot by doing this.Due to the complex anatomy of the foot, wearing tight shoes can lead to a variety of foot conditions that aren’t worth their stylish appearance.

Orthopedic Flipflops and Arch Support Slippers for Men and Women
Pain in Feet because of Slipper and Sandal design

Orthopaedic Sandals By Shapecrunch

Why Shapecrunch Custom Orthopedic Sandals are the Best ?

Shapecrunch Custom Ortho Slippers and Sandals are made with patent-pending technology that ensures your walk pain-free, and your body is aligned from the ground up.

Ortho Slippers Comparison table