Flat Feet, Overpronation, Fallen Arches, also known as Pes Planus

Shapecrunch provides Flat Feet insoles,  Custom Orthotics, or arch support sandals for Flat Foot treatment. 

Flat Foot Treatment

 Flat Foot Treatment- Flat Foot Insoles effect on Over Pronation and Pes Planus

What is Flat foot?

The fallen arches or flat feet which is medically defined as pes planus. Flat feet is a condition wherein, the entire sole touches the ground when a person is in a standing position. Flat feet usually develop in childhood as the arches have not been fully developed. It also occurs after an injury and wears and tear of aging. Flat foot is treated by providing proper arch support to the foot through customized insoles. Shapecrunch creates custom orthotics or insoles for shoes with 3D printing technology by using the biomechanics of the patient to make the arching foot back to normal.


1. The symptoms of flat feet are identifiable once a person stands or starts walking. The people who have flat feet, their inner foot or arch flattens which may cause arching foot and the foot may roll inwards which leads to over-pronation.
2.  It is also marked by touching of the entire sole of the foot to the ground and the main reason is under development of arches during childhood. 

3. Flat feet are also caused due to injury and wear and tear stress of age. 


  1. Flat feet or fallen arches are caused due to improper development of the child during childhood or an abnormality that persist from childhood to adulthood.

  2.  Damage or inflammation of the posterior tibial tendon (PTT), which connects from the lower of the leg along with the ankle to the middle of the arch.

  3. Broken bones may cause pes planus in an individual.

  4. Additionally, health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis along with improper nerve development lead to flat feet.

  5.  If an individual is obese, pregnant women, aging, and patients with diabetes are more prone to flat foot.


How Shapecrunch's Custom Insoles and Sandals provide the best Flat feet treatment?

Flat feet which are medically termed as fallen arches are treated by providing proper arch support to the foot through customized insoles or custom orthotics. Shapecrunch creates customized insoles with 3D printing technology by using the biomechanics of the patient to make the foot normal. In addition to the insoles, heel cups are used to correct the pronation angle of the patient. Medial wedging aims at distributing the weight of the body and offloading the area. Custom orthotics help in relieving the pain caused by flat feet in the ankle and the knees.

Arch support.png

Modification for Flat Foot 

Each insole for Flat Feet is given accommodations to correct your foot deformity and improve your gait. Our each sandal has customised footbed with corrections.  

Arch Support
Arch Support

For Flat Foot and Over Pronation, Plantar Fasciitis

Medial Wedging
Medial Wedging
Heel Cup
Heel Cup
Metatarsal Pad and Bar
Metatarsal Pad and Bar
Heel cup
Heel cup


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Devam Sharma
Local Guide 

Flat Feet

The appearance and quality of this leather sandal is exceptional. From the stitching on the straps and soft touch natural leather on the footbed, the sandal is not only luxurious but would pair well with a variety of bottoms from casual cargo shorts to khaki pants. I got these because of the customized arch support; since I have flat feet, most sandals leave me with achy feet and a backache by day’s end. In just a week of wearing they have molded to my feet and all the pain gone and thanks to shape crunch team for developing such a beautiful product and ordering is very much easy  just go to application and click some pictures

Saravanan Rajagopal
Home Maker

Flat feet

The service is very good and the custom insoles have been of great help with my flat foot, it makes me stand/walk-in close to correct posture and keep my legs and back aligned. Thank you!!

Sanvi Preetam

Flat feet

Got the soles and slippers for my daughter's flat feet. Using it for 6 months, now my daughter is not feeling pain when she walks more. Comfortable to wear also. Now using this sole she can run without pain for a longer period

Exercises for flat feet

Flat feet (arching foot) can be cured naturally at an intermediate level by following some of these exercises and taking proper foot care:

1. Heel stretches
2. Tennis/golf ball rolls
3. Arch lifts
4. Calf raises
5. Toe raises
6. Stair arch raises
7. Towel curls


1. Obese people with flat feet must reduce their body weight.

2. Flat feet people with high blood pressure and sugar should lower their blood pressure and blood sugar levels and bring it to the ideal level.

3. Wear Shapecrunch’s custom orthotics or insoles for flat feet.

4. Do “toe spread exercise” by keeping the toes in a spread position and hold on for at least 10 secs. Do this for a minimal time of 10 times/day in a day.

5. Barefoot walking on sand or grass or rough surfaces will make your feet strong.