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Orthotic Insoles, Arch Support, Shoe Inserts, Customised Inner Sole, Shapecrunch Soles

Shoe Inserts, Insoles with Arch Support -  Customised for your Feet

Custom Insoles for Flat Foot, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, and other Foot Conditions 

Insoles - Trusted by Podiatrists from around the world
Made with ❤️ in India

100+ Doctors from US, India, Singapore, and Dubai recommend our product 

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Shapecrunch's Custom Orthotics are recommended by 100+ Doctors

Learn Why 

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Easy Customised Inner soles in just few steps

Each insole is given accommodations to correct your foot deformity and improve your gait, Posture and provide Pain relief

Shapecrunch Insoles and arch support slippers ordering process

Why Shapecrunch Shoe Inserts are the Best ?

Shapecrunch Custom Insoles are made with patent-pending technology that ensures your walk pain-free, and your body is aligned from ground up.

Shapecrunch captures 2000+ points of your Feet to create these Customised Inner Soles.

Shapecrunch using mobile foot scanning to make Insoles and Shoe Inserts with Arch Support

Patent-Pending Foot Scan technology

Orthotic Insoles for Flat Foot with Arch Support, Heel Cup, and 3D Printed Base

Made with 3D Printing Technology

The ‘Shapecrunch effect’

We are experts in Foot Health

Foot is the foundation of the body. Your Feet, Knee, Ankle, Hip, Back, neck are all interconnected. E.g. Flat Foot is one of the major reasons for Back problems, Knee Osteoarthritis, and many Foot and Ankle problems.

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Flat Foot Insoles and Treatment
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Arch Support Customised - Corrects your Posture and Gait

Arch Support Orthotics

Each Shapecrunch's Custom Insole comes with Arch Support that matches your foot curve. Support your foot to provide adequate pronation and prevents feet from over pronating or under pronating. 

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Customized Medial Wedging, Heel Cup, Arch Support = Foot Stabilization


Shapecrunch's Custom Orthotics or Insoles consist of 2 layers 

1. Bottom Layer - 3D Printed TPU 

2. Upper Layer - Depends on Problem -  EVA/Poron/Plastozote

Shapecrunch's patent pending process of density variation ensures 

  • Forefront Flexibility

  • Arch Semi-rigidity

  • Stiff Heelcup to prevent Heel Valgus and Varus. 

Shapecrunch 3D Printed Insoles and 3D Printed Orthotics made with FDM Technology
Medial Arch Support with medial wedging in Orthotics and Shoe Inserts

Customized Medial Wedging, Heel Cup, Arch Support = Foot Stabilization

Orthotics and Flat Foot before and after Custom Orthotics, Flat Foot Insoles

Blog Posts 

Shapecrunch Inner Sole comparison with other orthotics for flat foot

"Best non-surgical solution for Flat Foot"

Review by a mom, who got Shapecrunch Insoles for child. 

"Injury-free full Marathons, Thanks to Shapecrunch"

- Rupali, Marathoner

" My Foot Pain has completely gone"

- Madhur, IT Professional

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