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Custom Insoles with Arch Support

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Arch Support


Each Shapecrunch's Custom Insole comes with Arch Support that matches your foot curve. Support your foot to provide adequate pronation and prevents feet from over pronating or under pronating. 

Arch Support Customised Insoles by Shapecrunch

Modification for Foot Pain relief 

Each insole is given accommodations to correct your foot deformity and improve your gait. Our each sandal has customised footbed with corrections.  

Arch Support
For Flat Foot and Over Pronation, Plantar Fasciitis
Medial Wedging
Heel Cup
Metatarsal Pad and Bar
Lateral Wedging
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  • Arch Support: For Flat FootPlantar Fasciitis, High Arch. 3D Printed and Custom is the best Arch support you can have in your insole. Shapecrunch’s Arch support inner soles provide Foot Pain treatment, Ankle Pain relief, Arch pain relief. Arch support inserts the correct foot by redistributing pressure. 

  • Medial Wedging: Over Pronation, Ankle Instability, Shin Splints. Medial Wedging is intended to force angular accommodation, to shift weight or change angulation of angular limbs. It has been found to reduce Knee pain among osteoarthritis patients with Valgus deformity. Thus also helping in ankle pain relief.

  • Metatarsal Pad: Overextension, supports metatarsal bones

  • Pressure Offloading: Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Corn & Callus

  • Deep Heel cup: For heel stability, Sore and Sensitive heels, Heel Pain. Heel Cup provides heel pain relief and is used in other foot pain remedies as well. Deep Heel Cup provides foot and ankle stability. Thus neutralizing forces because of corrections and also giving grip to the heel.

  • Lateral Wedging: Knee Osteoarthritis, Lateral Ankle Stability 

Medial Arch Support with medial wedging in Orthotics and Shoe Inserts

Customized Medial Wedging, Heel Cup, Arch Support = Foot Stabilization

Customized Medial Wedging, Heel Cup, Arch Support = Foot Stabilization


Shapecrunch's Custom Orthotics or Insoles consist of 2 layers 

1. Bottom Layer - 3D Printed TPU 

2. Upper Layer - Depends on Problem -  EVA/Poron/Plastozote

Shapecrunch's patent pending process of density variation ensures 

  • Forefront Flexibility

  • Arch Semi-rigidity

  • Stiff Heelcup to prevent Heel Valgus and Varus. 

3D Printed Insoles and 3D Printed Orthotics

Why Shapecrunch Shoe Inserts are the Best ?

Shapecrunch Custom Insoles are made with patent-pending technology that ensures your walk pain-free, and your body is aligned from ground up.

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