Custom Insoles that convert your existing shoes into Medicated Orthotic Shoe

Revolutionary custom shoe inserts - 3D printed orthotic insoles for shoes to fit your feet perfectly. Correct existing foot problems, relieve foot and joint pain and prevent future bio-mechanical issues.



  • After you pay (or even before) - You can go to Shapecrunch Foot scan 

    and scan your foot. (Ignore if already done). Enter the foot scan id while purchasing. 

  • We match your foot scan submission with your Phone no. / Foot Scan ID / Name and customise the product accordingly. 

  • You receive the product within 7 days (Insoles) and 10 days (Slippers and Sandals)



ShapeMed - Custom Insoles

₹7,000.00 Regular Price
₹3,500.00Sale Price
  • Shapecrunch provides 6 months replacement warranty on all Insoles for shoes, if there’s any problem within first 6 months we replace the insoles.  ​Your custom orthotic insoles will be shipped within five days of being made, so you will have that comfortable, cushioned feeling in no time

Shapecrunch's Custom Orthotics are recommended by 100+ Doctors

Learn Why 

Comparison Shapecrunch V/s others


"Best non-surgical solution for Flat Foot"

Review by a mom, who got Shapecrunch Insoles for child. 

"Injury-free full Marathons, Thanks to Shapecrunch"

- Rupali, Marathoner

" My Foot Pain has completely gone"

- Madhur, IT Professional

Shapecrunch Reviews

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