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Customized Insoles that convert your existing shoes into Customised Version of your Shoe.  Novel custom shoe inserts - 3D printed orthotic insoles for shoes to fit your feet perfectly.  These Shoe Inserts are tailored as per your foot condition.


These Shoe Insoles help in supporting the foot from ground up. 

Our unique sauce : 
Arch Support – Custom fit 3D printed arches support your feet and lower body. 

Heel Cup – Deep, compressible heel cups absorb shock as you walk. 

Metatarsal Pads –  Forefoot meta pads distribute pressure effectively.  

Heel Cushion - Extra Heel Cushion for Shock absorption. 


Variable-density foam foot beds give all-day comfort, Made with TPU and EVA. 

  • Bottom Layer is made of 3D Printed TPU. 

The material appears rubber-like, which means it can be extremely flexible, durable and smooth to the touch. 3D Printed TPU provides a coiled spring effect in the foot.

  • Upper layer is premium grade EVA

It promotes healthier functioning for superior natural shock absorption 

ShapeMed - Customised Insoles

₹7,800.00 Regular Price
₹3,900.00Sale Price
  • Shapecrunch provides 6 months replacement warranty on all Insoles for shoes, if there’s any problem within first 6 months we replace the insoles.  Warranty also includes any fitting issue.