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Limb Length Discrepancy (LLD)

Is your one leg shorter than the other?

Shapecrunch provides Custom Orthotics and arch support sandals that compensates your leg shortening. We give one insole/sandal thicker than the other. 

What is LLD  ?

Limb Length Discrepancy Patient

Limb Length Discrepancy, or leg length inequality, is defined as a condition in which the length of the lower extremities is remarkably unequal.  Studies have shown that LLD of 2 cm or more affects at least one in every 1000 people. 

Limb Length Discrepancy can be subdivided into two groups: structural LLD (SLLD) and functional LLD (FLLD). SLLD, also known as anatomic LLD, is defined as structural deformities resulting from differences in true bony leg length. It is an anatomical difference between the two lower extremities measured from the femoral head to the distal tibia and can be congenital or acquired.


Congenital LLD can be induced by various abnormal developmental disorders. Causes of acquired LLD include paralysis, tumors, fractures, and surgical procedures, such as joint replacement. FLLD is defined as an asymmetrical leg length caused by altered mechanics of the lower extremities, including muscle tightness or weakness, unilateral foot pronation or supination, knee hyperextension, and hip abduction/adduction tightness/contracture. Significant lower extremity mal-alignment may result from Leg Shortening. Because abnormal bio-mechanical factors are observed in a number of orthopedic disorders, it is thought that many pathological symptoms might be related to Leg length Discrepancy. However, because several clinical factors found in orthopedic disorders can cause asymmetrical functional ability, it would be difficult to isolate and determine the effect of LLD on their function.

Shapecrunch provides Custom Orthotics and arch support sandals to reduce the pain in the sole

Group 249a.png
Group 271.png

Modification for Heel Pain relief 

Each insole is given accommodations to correct your foot deformity and improve your gait. Our each sandal has customised footbed with corrections.  

Group 286.png
Group 287.png
Limb Length Discrepancy TREATMENT

How Shapecrunch's Custom Insoles and Sandals provide the best Leg Length Discrepancy treatment?

Shapecrunch offers 100% Customisation possible with advanced technology for Limb Length Discrepancy or Leg Shortening. Shapecrunch provides the following modification to cure plantar fasciitis

  1. Custom Orthotics with different thickness of insoles for each foot, including Arch Support and Heel Cup

  2. Customized Sandals with different thickness for each foot, Arch Support, and Heel Cup

Arch support in the insole or sandals redistributes the pressure .  Deep Heel Cup provides foot and ankle stability. Thus neutralizing forces because of corrections and also giving grip to the heel. Thickness provided adjusts Limb Length discrepancy.

Shoe for LLD by Shapecrunch - Leg length Discrepancy
LLD1 before.png
LLD after.png


Sports Person 

Heel Pain

I am a sport person and highly require my foot and legs fitness. Due to vigorous exercise I was suffering from heel pain since more than 6 months. Doctors advised me to use orthotic insoles. Got the information about Shapecrunch through the Internet and contacted in the given number. The phone call was responded by jatin who seemed to be a knowledgeable and cooperating guy. My brother who was visiting me from USA also had similar problem and was prescribed for same. We both ordered total 4 pairs of insoles and got them made in just 3-4 days. We both are using them since then and now are in great relief. Happy with the service and the product. The staff is very cooperating, they even showed up the process of making these. Product are also very good, useful and value for money. Highly recommend it.

Home Maker

Plantar Fasciitis

I had developed plantar fasciitis in June 2019 & had undergone physiotherapy, exercised for over two months with little improvement. Then I discovered Shapecrunch who recommended customised insoles after examination of my feet & underlying problem. I have flat feet. With regular use, my pain has almost vanished. I ordered a second pair recently which was delivered promptly.
What is needed is summerwear, i.e.sandals, chappals for wearing at home. I was surprised to receive a call today for this only which I look forward to.
Thank you, Shapecrunch; keep it up.


Plantar Fasciitis

I was suffering from acute Planter Fascitis (heel pain) and with 2-3 days of wearing these insoles the pain has vanished! This is an awesome product and I use it everyday for 8-10 hours.

Strongly recommend Shape crunch insoles to anyone with foot issues.

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