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Shapecrunch provides full solution - Foot assessment, diagnostics and customised footwear for your problem

Having foot problems ? We’re here to help!

Every 1 in 4 in India has foot problem. 
With our technology and qualified foot specialists, 50,000+ have been walking pain free. 

Home Visits also available in Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai


Doctors trust us 

100+ Physios, Orthopaedics, Chiropractors - experts in Foot Care in India

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25% in India has either of these Problems : 

Foot is the foundation of the body. Your Feet, Knee, Ankle, Hip, Back, neck are all interconnected. E.g. Flat Foot is one of the major reason for Back problems, Knee Osteoarthritis, and many Foot and Ankle problems. As per research, people with Flat Feet are 50% more likely to have Osteoarthritis. Similarly, Plantar Fasciitis disrupts balance, causing you to compensate with other parts of the body. Plantar Fasciitis Disrupts Spine Health Over the long Term

Working with foot specialists, we provide full Foot care solution – Foot Assessment, Custom Orthotic and Ortho Slippers, and home exercises so that your biomechanics are corrected and you stay pain-free.

The result – your discomfort is relieved and your life gets back to normal.

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Get Foot Scan done with our technology by our partner foot clinic, and we make a customised product as suggested by Foot Specialists.

FOOT scan, Diagnosis, and orthotic recommendation

Foot Specialist will do a thorough check-up of your foot and do foot scan with Shapecrunch mobile app. 

Podiatry expert provides us the recommendation to design the orthotic or custom ortho slippers to correct your foot biomechanics. 

design, manufacture and ship

Medical Orthotic Specialist, 3D Designer, and Production Engineer work together to design and 3D print your customised footwear

Customers like us :
50,000+ are walking pain free

"Best non-surgical solution for Flat Foot"

Review by a mom, who got Shapecrunch Insoles for child. 

"Injury-free full Marathons, Thanks to Shapecrunch"

- Rupali, Marathoner

" My Foot Pain has completely gone"

- Madhur, IT Professional

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