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Which are the Best Insoles For Flat Feet? - Gel Insoles Or Customised Insoles

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

An informative post about insoles for flat feet and why you should invest in customized insoles to stop your feet from hurting

When the arches on the inside of your feet flatten, the entire soles of your feet touch the floor when you stand up, you have flat feet. It is a painful condition that can be relieved using proper gadgets such as insoles for flat feet.

First of all here's a video that shows the major difference between normal insoles and shapecrunch's customised insoles

In this article, you can learn about the difference between common gel insoles and customized insoles for flat feet so you can start looking after yourself and improve your quality of life today.

Gel Insoles vs Customised Insoles

When it comes to finding the best solution for flat feet, insoles are first on the list. They are feet-shaped inserts that are placed inside your shoes and they can be both displayed for sale at shoe stores and customized for your feet.

This is where the difference between gel insoles and customized insoles come into play. To begin, gel insoles are the ones you acquire at almost any shoe store and sometimes even common clothing businesses, and they usually provide a cushion or massaging effect while walking. Gel insoles just provide the cushioned effect but not the arch support

As for customized insoles, they are made specifically for your feet, unlike mass-produced gel insoles found in stores. They are great for providing the best support and can lift your arch, assist with toe joint deformity as well as relieve heel pain. Custom insoles for flat feet are ideal if you want to stop your feet from hurting thus they can provide the support exactly where you need, prioritizing your feet’s size and length, which common gel insoles may lack.

Which One Is Best?

Custom orthotics are always best when it comes to treating flat feet issues and pain. Each foot is different, which is why purchasing mass-produced gel insoles instead of customised insoles for flat feet can be harmful to your health after a while. The consequences of untreated flat feet, or poorly treated with one-size-fits-all insoles include increased knee and joint pain, lower back and hip discomfort as well as ankle pain.

Switching to customized insoles for flat feet can signify a major improvement in your health that will enhance your life quality. Flat feet are not something to pass by, thus it can compromise your ability to stand, walk, run and even sleep because of the pain.

Invest In Quality Customised Insoles For Flat Feet

Shapecrunch understands the importance of living an active and healthy life, which is why we take customized insoles for Flat Foot very seriously. Each custom insole includes arch support that is tailored to your specific foot curvature to ensure proper pronation and to keep your feet from over or under-pronating.

We use 3D printing technology to build customized insoles that use the patient's biomechanics to restore normalcy to the foot to distribute the body's weight and offload the area.

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