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Shapecrunch Custom Shoe Inserts and Orthopedic Slippers for Women

Fix your Feet, align your body

Customised Shoes, Insoles, and Sandals crafted to perfection with cutting-edge 3D printing technology and a groundbreaking analysis of over 10,000 data points of your feet targeting Flat Foot, Heel Pain, and other foot issues.


Experience the personalized, doctor-approved, 3D-printed orthotic support.

Book Appointment with a foot specialist or shop online. 

Trusted by Podiatrists from around the world

100+ Doctors from US, India, Singapore, and Dubai recommend our product 

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Customised Orthopedic Footwear for your foot type
Shapecrunch Customised Shoes for Flat Foot and heel pain made by podiatrists.


Custom Shoes : Best solution to your Feet and knee issues

First of it's kind in India, These shoes are powered with customised 3d printed insoles inside them. Full proof solution to your feet and knee issues.

Customised Inner soles for flat foot and heel pain


Custom Insoles : Goes in all Sports shoes, corrects your foot and knee alignment

These customised insoles are made for your feet and as per your pronation level. 

Customised Orthopedic Sandals for Men and Women for Plantar Fasciitis and heel pain - made by Shapecrunch


Customised Sandals :

Wear your style

Customised sandals that are available in multiple colors. These are made as per your foot arch and pronation.

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Have Pain, But Don't know the Problem ?

You can choose to Scan foot online, or Book Appointment at one of our clinics

Our Products

Customised Footwear is tailor made for Orthopedic foot problems such as Flat Foot, Heel pain, Knee Pain, etc.  & ShapeFit and Arch Cloud are for comfort, long walks, and staying on feet whole day. All our products have Arch Support.