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We fix your Feet.
Comfort - Engineered for your foot. 

Shapecrunch has created research backed India's most scientifically made 3D printed Customised Insoles and Sandals for feet.

Working with foot specialists, we provide full Foot care solution – Foot Assessment, Custom Orthotic and Custom orthotic Sandals, which are made by analysing 1000+ data points from your feet.

Book Appointment with a foot specialist or shop online. 

Trusted by Podiatrists from around the world

100+ Doctors from US, India, Singapore, and Dubai recommend our product 

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Tell us, what you are looking for : 

7 out of 10 people wear wrong footwear in India, causing Flat Foot, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, and several other Foot Problems. Some issues such as Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain might also be linked to foot.  We have created India's first Podiatrist recommended Footwear for Medical Issues, Comfort and well-being. Pick which category you belong to, and we will guide you accordingly.   

I want to buy Medical Footwear for my Foot Condition
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ShapeMed range is of Customised Arch Support Footwear For Pain Relief, Flat Foot, Plantar Fasciitis, & Other Foot Conditions​. Each pair is carefully tailor made, 3D Printed and made in consultation with Doctors.

I want to buy Comfort Footwear for Wellbeing
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ShapeFit is Arch Support Footwear for Comfort & Well Being. It has extra Cushion, provides shock absorption and protect your feet from injuries.

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Have Pain, But Don't know the Problem ?

You can choose to Scan foot online, or Book Appointment at one of our clinics

Our Products

ShapeMed is tailor made for Medical Conditions & ShapeFit is for Comfort.
All our products have Arch Support