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Treatment for Flat Foot, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, and other Foot Conditions. For Pain relief, Correct Posture and Extreme Comfort.

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Foot is the foundation of the body. Your Feet, Knee, Ankle, Hip, Back, neck are all interconnected. E.g. Flat Foot is one of the major reasons for Back problems, Knee Osteoarthritis, and many Foot and Ankle problems. As per research, people with Flat Feet are 50% more likely to have Osteoarthritis. Similarly, Plantar Fasciitis, whose common symptom is Heel Pain, disrupts balance, causing you to compensate with other parts of the body. Plantar Fasciitis Disrupts Spine Health Over the Long Term

The right shoe can help reduce back pain caused by improper posture. Inner Soles of the Shoe can have a big impact on your posture, reducing back pain.


We provide a full Podiatry solution – Assessment by Foot Care Professional, Shoe Inserts, Orthotics and Ortho Slippers, and home exercises so that your biomechanics are corrected and you stay pain-free.  

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Shapecrunch Custom Insoles and Arch Support Slippers  - align the body from the ground up

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