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Foot Pain effect on body

Foot is the foundation of the body. Your Feet, Knee, Ankle, Hip, Back, neck are all interconnected. E.g. Flat Foot is one of the major reason for Back problems, Knee Osteoarthritis, and many Foot and Ankle problems. As per research, people with Flat Feet are 50% more likely to have Osteoarthritis. Similarly, Plantar Fasciitis, whose common symptom is Heel Pain, disrupts balance, causing you to compensate with other parts of the body. Plantar Fasciitis Disrupts Spine Health Over the Long Term


We provide full Podiatry solution – Assessment by Foot Care Professional, Orthotic and Ortho Slippers, and home exercises so that your biomechanics are corrected and you stay pain-free.  

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Foot Pain effect on Posture, Flat Foot and Plantar Fasciitis effect on body

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FOOT scan

Scan Foot by clicking the link below. It will take just 10 minutes. Also we provide a basic report, which tells about your pronation, potential problems with gait and gives a healthy score of your gait and feet. We need just a few pictures and gait video.


Shop Customised Insoles or Orthotic Sandals as per your need. We match your name, and other details to your foot scan to design the product, personalised for you.


we design, manufacture and ship

Medical Orthotic Specialist, 3D Designer, and Production Engineer work together to design and 3D print your customised footwear

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