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What are the causes for pain in Heel of the Foot ?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Causes for pain in Heel of the foot

Heel pain is the most common problem of the foot. However, the problem depends on the pain area in the foot.

First, check which is the area for heel pain. There are 3 main cases ;

  1. Is it a pain in the sole of the foot or the bottom of the foot? Does it pain during the morning?

  2. Is it pain in the pain in the back of the heel?

  3. Is it heel bone pain?

As shown in the image :

If its pain in the bottom of the foot and if it pains in the morning - most likely it's Plantar Fasciitis

If it pains in the back of the heel its Tendinitis or Achilles Tendinitis

If it's pinching pain, like a knife or a pin sticking at the bottom of the feet as soon as the person takes the first step - it's Calcaneal Spur or Heel Spur.

What's the main reason for developing heel pain?

The above 3 conditions occur because of uneven pressure of the foot on the ground i.e. your weight is not evenly distributed on your foot.

At Shapecrunch, with our Insoles and Sandals - we correct the weight distribution so that you get heel pain relief and your posture gets corrected.

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