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How Custom Orthotics Help in Running ?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Running with Shoe Insoles

Custom foot orthotics are devices that are made to fit a person’s feet to support their walking or run. Shapecrunch insoles are designed to be worn for any occasion to help correct a wide range of biomechanics. Running orthotics are made specifically for runners to provide relief from some of the lower-body issues that they would experience.

Without running orthotics, chances are a lot of people may never be able to run properly. Here are some of the ways that custom orthotics benefit runners.

1. Help with the fit for running shoes

Running orthotics are made to fit exactly to the user’s foot which means that they can be used in any pair of shoes as running soles and fit perfectly. Instead of trying to find shoes that fit perfectly, running orthotics make every shoe fit perfectly while removing any pain that the shoes may have caused. Running insoles can be inserted into almost any sports shoes so it is easy to replace normal insoles with Shapecrunch Insoles and instantly get a great fit for running.

2. Provide foot support

Because running orthotics are 3D-printed to the wearer’s foot, they provide specific support to individuals that are suffering from different foot problems. This makes running more comfortable and pain-free. The running insoles also help the wearers cover more distance in everyday shoes without aggravating their foot problems.

3. Extra energy/propulsion

Shapecrunch running insoles are made from flexible 3D printed thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is elastic, flexible and shock-absorbing. This allows runners to get extra energy from the bounce that it provides when running. The materials used to make the running orthotics also keeps the feet feeling healthy, in perfect running steps which helps the runner generate more propulsion and run better without any heel pains or risk of injury.

4. Reduce fatigue

Custom running orthotics help to adjust alignment of the foot when running which greatly reduces the onset of fatigue. Because the feet are more comfortable, and you can retain a good running form, there is less pressure on the muscles of your feet and legs as well as less pain to the joins which allows you to cover more distance without feeling discomfort. This means that you can train even longer and get closer to your fitness targets.

5. Injury prevention

Poor foot mechanics such as overpronating or underpronating could potentially cause injuries when running. Using running insoles that are made to fit the specific foot types helps to reduce the effects of foot problems on running motion which in turn reduces the chances for an injury to occur. Running orthotics are flexible, shock absorbing and elastic and can adjust to the rigors of running better than off-the-shelf insoles.

Custom orthotics are made to fit by Shapecrunch and help people with foot problems to maintain their preferred running path without worrying about injury or straining. With running orthotics in your running shoes, you’ll be running like a pro again.

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