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Home remedies for Heel Pain and Foot Pain relief

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

There are multiple reasons of Heel pain and Foot Pain. Firstly, finding the reason is most important. Secondly these activities speed up your recovery and help in strengthening your muscles.

However root cause of foot pain is usually wrong bio-mechanics. So wear custom orthotics by Shapecrunch for correcting your bio-mechanics and do the following exercises to speedup recovery and strengthen muscles.

1. Alternate toe stretch

Home remedies for heel pain and foot pain remedies.
Home remedies for Heel pain and Foot pain

a. Position 1: Lift up only your big toe whilst pushing the other 4 toes into the ground.

b. Position 2: Push your big toe into the ground whilst lifting the other 4 toes.

2. Heel raise/drop with ball

a. Squeeze the ball between your ankles throughout all movement.

b. Perform a heel raise and drop.

3. Achilles tendon massage

a. Place the back of your achilles tendon on a ball.

b. Apply a downward pressure.

4. Massage Arch

a. Place your foot on a massage ball.

b. Apply pressure on the ball.

c. Roll your foot forward and backwards

5. Calf stretch

a. Stand on the edge of a step with your heels off the edge.

b. Whilst keeping your knees completely straight, lower both of your heels towards the ground.

c. Aim to feel a superficial stretch in your calf muscle.

Foot Care tips

1. Make sure your shoes are fitted properly- properly fitting running shoes should feel snug in the heel and mid foot. With wiggle room around the toes, while standing check for proper length and width by pressing your thumb down next to the ball of your foot and around toes. A good fit should allow for half to full thumbs width of space.

2. Don’t walk barefoot-walking on hard, flat surfaces like pavements, marbles and other floors that force our feet to flatten and twist which causes various foot problems in the foot and then the rest of the body. Walking barefoot also makes the foot more prone to bacterial and fungal try wearing properly fitted shoes to avoid these problems.

3. Maintain proper hygiene-wash your feet regularly and try to soaking your feet in warm water that will help you in relaxing your foot muscles and make you calm and relax your mind.

4. Scrub your feet with pumice stone to remove the dead skin and then apply some moisturiser after drying

5. Cut your toe-nails straight and file the edges with strokes in one direction to avoid injury to the cuticles.

6. Most importantly drink lot of water and hydrate your skin and body to avoid cracks and dryness of the skin.

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