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Diabetic Foot 
Treatment & Cure

How to treat diabetic feet?

Shapecrunch provides Custom Orthotics and arch support sandals to reduce the pain in the sole 

Plantar Fasciitis comparison with Normal

What is Diabetic Foot Treatment?

Diabetic foot is a situation wherein, patients with diabetes experience foot ulcers at the hard surfaces of their skin. The ulcers develop to protect the underneath skin. They generally develop on the balls of the foot and under the big toes. Almost all the people who’ve diabetes are prone to foot ulcers but if proper foot care is taken by the person, it can be prevented.


1. Foot ulcers may lead to drainage of the foot which would stain the socks or might be visible in the shoes. Irritation, dryness, redness, swelling, and bad odor are indicators of diabetic foot.

2. Due to improper blood circulation, a black tissue known as eschar would develop around the ulcer area. 

3. If you experience unusual discoloring of the skin, having pain or irritation, you must visit the podiatrist immediately.


  1. Diabetic ulcers develop in patients who have 

  2. Poor blood circulation which makes it difficult to heal the foot ulcer 

  3. Nerve damage causes a long term impact and can stop the normal functioning of the feet. It can be painful in the beginning but gradually the sensitivity reduces leading to the development of diabetic ulcers.

  4. High blood sugar levels

  5. Unclean or wounded feet

  6. Diabetes leads to dryness throughout the skin which may lead to cracking in the feet and ultimately leads to corns and calluses.

  7. Poorly fitted shoes, improper hygiene, improper trimming of nails, health-related issues (kidney and heart disease), obesity, alcohol consumption, and smoking also contribute to the development of the diabetic foot.

Diabetic foot treatment 

How Shapecrunch's Custom Insoles and Sandals provide the best Diabetic foot treatment?

Diabetic foot treatment is provided by Shapecrunch by using the biomechanics of the patient to create insoles with the 3D printing technology. Offloading is provided in the area where the ulcers develop to redistribute the pressure of the body on the foot. Heel cups are also beneficial for the diabetic foot as they will provide proper arch support to the foot.

  1. Custom Orthotics with Arch Support and Heel Cup

  2. Customized Sandals with Arch Support and Heel Cup

Arch support in the insole or sandals redistributes the pressure to reduce the pain felt by the patient in the heel of the foot.  Deep Heel Cup provides foot and ankle stability. Thus neutralizing forces because of corrections and also giving grip to the heel. 

Arch support.png


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Sports Person 

Heel Pain

I am a sport person and highly require my foot and legs fitness. Due to vigorous exercise I was suffering from heel pain since more than 6 months. Doctors advised me to use orthotic insoles. Got the information about Shapecrunch through the Internet and contacted in the given number. The phone call was responded by jatin who seemed to be a knowledgeable and cooperating guy. My brother who was visiting me from USA also had similar problem and was prescribed for same. We both ordered total 4 pairs of insoles and got them made in just 3-4 days. We both are using them since then and now are in great relief. Happy with the service and the product. The staff is very cooperating, they even showed up the process of making these. Product are also very good, useful and value for money. Highly recommend it.

Home Maker

I tried a pair of Shapecrunch customized insoles a few months back for my Morton's neuroma pain. Satisfied, I ordered another pair. The staff cared to call 2 or 3 times to check if I have been comfortable with the new pair also, which I am. Very satisfied with the product and service.👍👍


Plantar Fasciitis

Shapecrunch is the one source I know of for quality shoe insoles for helping with my problem of the diverted toe (hallux valgus).

I've wasted a lot of money, time, and effort trying to source a good insole for addressing my problem. Everything I tried was too soft, thereby providing no arch support at all. It was not only expensive but cost valuable time, which resulted in my problem becoming much, much worse.

Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis

Exercises like toe extension, standing calf stretch, towel stretch, ice massage arch roll, and calf stretch on a step can be practiced at home along with by using customized insoles or insoles for shoes for Plantar fasciitis treatment.


1. Patients with diabetes should inspect their feet on an everyday basis before going to bed. 
2. Use lukewarm water for bathing instead of using extremely hot water. 
Make sure to keep your feet clean and chop your nails. 
    4. Moisturize your feet after washing them and avoid the area between the toes 
    5. Wear properly fitted shoes
   6. Wear clean socks and try to use the socks made especially for diabetic patients

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