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Every 1 in 4 person has foot issue. For a medical professional, having a foot lab setup is expensive and inefficient. We can help you - Our shapecrunch application is FREE . Submit foot measurements of your patient, and upload prescription, and we will take care of the rest.


A 3 step process

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Scan with our easy to use shapecrunch application. It's a 10 min process, which requires - shoe size, foot pictures, modifications required, prescription and other necessary information.

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Designing and Manufacturing

Using the digital foot model, the software generates a design for the custom insole. The design takes into consideration the individual's foot shape, arch type, pressure points, and any specific requirements or conditions. The insole design may include various support structures, cushioning elements, and modifications tailored to address specific foot issues

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Shipping and Feedback

After fabrication, it's shipped and delivered with 7 days. It can be shipped directly to the patient or to the clinic.

Interested to have a foot lab in your clinic ?

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