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Corn & Calluses Treatment & Cure

 How can I treat calluses on feet?

Shapecrunch provides Custom Orthotics and arch support sandals to reduce the pain in the sole 

Plantar Fasciitis comparison with Normal

What is Corn & Calluses ?

Corns are calluses that tend to develop on the hard and thick areas of the skin. Corn on feet develop usually on the sides of the toes and they’re small in size. Corn tends to develop on the hard surfaces and mostly appear on hands, feet, or fingers. There are three types of corns: 


Hard Corns: they are small in size and they tend to develop on the hard and dense areas of the skin where the skin is thickened. They develop on the top of the toes wherein, there is bone pressure against the skin.


Soft corns: they are whitish or gray and have a soft and rubbery texture. Soft corns develop between the toes.


Seed corns: they are small and usually form on the bottom of the feet.


Pain: when corn is not treated properly it may lead to severe pain in the area where the corn is present and may be followed by blisters or calluses. Patients generally change the posture to avoid pain in the foot which may lead to an increase in pressure in some other part of the body.


Septic Arthritis: if the corn becomes infected, the bacteria will spread through the bloodstream and cause infection in one or more joints. The patient would experience intense pain, redness, and swelling in the joint area causing difficulty in movement. 


Osteomyelitis: once the bacteria from an infected corn spreads, it would affect the bone tissues and nearby tendons. This is most common with people who smoke and those who have poor blood circulation in the feet region. 


Therefore, it is essential to treat corn in the beginning. 


  1. Corns and calluses develop due to repeated friction, pressure on the skin, rubbing, or irritation.

  2. Foot callus develops on the hardened part of the skin, the bony, or prominent areas of the feet

  3. . They protect the underlying skin from irritation and friction.

  4. Corn and calluses on feet cause to people who already have medical issues like arthritis, bunions, or bone spurs.

  5. Foot callus appears like people who smoke, who don't wear socks, or either wear footwear that is narrow for the foot.


How Shapecrunch's Custom Insoles and Sandals provide Corn & callluses treatment?

Corn removal is made easy through the solutions provided by Shapecrunch. Corn treatment is provided by Shapecrunch in the form of custom orthotics or insoles that are made with 3D Printing technology according to the biomechanics of the patient which would offload the pressure and distribute it evenly. Corns are detected through the Shapecrunch foot assessment facility available in the application. Corn on feet are small in size and they’re less painful than calluses on feet. Corns and calluses usually develop on the hardened part of the skin, the bony, or prominent areas of the feet. They protect the underlying skin from irritation and friction.

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Sports Person 

Heel Pain

I am a sport person and highly require my foot and legs fitness. Due to vigorous exercise I was suffering from heel pain since more than 6 months. Doctors advised me to use orthotic insoles. Got the information about Shapecrunch through the Internet and contacted in the given number. The phone call was responded by jatin who seemed to be a knowledgeable and cooperating guy. My brother who was visiting me from USA also had similar problem and was prescribed for same. We both ordered total 4 pairs of insoles and got them made in just 3-4 days. We both are using them since then and now are in great relief. Happy with the service and the product. The staff is very cooperating, they even showed up the process of making these. Product are also very good, useful and value for money. Highly recommend it.

Home Maker

Plantar Fasciitis

I had developed plantar fasciitis in June 2019 & had undergone physiotherapy, exercised for over two months with little improvement. Then I discovered Shapecrunch who recommended customised insoles after examination of my feet & underlying problem. I have flat feet. With regular use, my pain has almost vanished. I ordered a second pair recently which was delivered promptly.
What is needed is summerwear, i.e.sandals, chappals for wearing at home. I was surprised to receive a call today for this only which I look forward to.
Thank you, Shapecrunch; keep it up.


Plantar Fasciitis

I was suffering from acute Planter Fascitis (heel pain) and with 2-3 days of wearing these insoles the pain has vanished! This is an awesome product and I use it everyday for 8-10 hours.

Strongly recommend Shape crunch insoles to anyone with foot issues.


Apart from using custom insoles for corn treatment, corn caps are used for corn removal. Soaking hands and feet on warm water and soapy water helps to soften the corn and calluses which makes it easier to remove the thick layer of skin. Additionally, corn pads are used to treat foot callus.

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