How much do Shapemed insoles cost?

The cost of Shapemed varies by the clinic. You can go to book appointment , select country, location, clinic and you will see the diplayed price.

You may contact the clinic and ask them for the price. This is because there is almost always a consultation fees attached with the insole price, and each clinic has their own terms and conditions. 

How long does it take for me to get my Shapemed insoles?

Within 5 days in India, and 10 days in rest of the world.

So, A Maximum of 10 days. We process your order and 3D print the insoles within the first 2 days when the order is placed, however shipping times varies by country and region, hence we guarantee delivery within 10 days of the order

What if there’s no shapecrunch clinic in my region ?

We are expanding everyday and we will try to be in you locality soon. Conversely you can take to your specialist details about our app, and ask them to scan your foot, and fill out the prescription, this way you can get a Shapemed insole from your local specialist anytime anywhere.

Who uses Shapemed?

Our most frequent users of Shapemed are people with: diabetic foot, plantar fasciitis, corn/callus, high arch, LLD’s, bunions, etc. We have powered 2000+ patients in conjunction with 100+ specialists, hence we have a deep understanding on how to tackle each medical issue.

Why should I buy Shapemed?

If you are suffering form a medical condition of the foot, and if your practitioner prescribes custom orthotics it is to help treat or provide relief from a condition you have or you are predisposed to. These insoles are crafted according to what you practitioner thinks is best for you and your feet, thus helping you solve your foot issues from your doctor’s perspective.

What is ShapeMed ?

Shapemed is a customized 3D printed insole that is made according to a patient’s foot anatomy who suffers from a medical condition. Shapemed is made for medical purposes and is intented to help a patient through the condition. Shapemed is made using Shapecrunch’s proprietary technology, and in conjunction with a partitioner’s prescription. Shapemed is suggested by: Orhopedics, Foot and Ankle specialist’s Podiatrists, Physiotherapists, and Chiropractors to their patients.