How long does it take to get the insoles once I order?

5 days in India, 10 days internationally.

A Maximum of 10 days. We process your order and 3D print the insoles within the first 2 days when the order is placed, however shipping times varies by country and region, hence we guarantee delivery within 10 days of the order

What is Shapefit?

Shapefit is a customized 3D printed insole that has been designed to provide comfort for a person while they execute their day to day activities. Shapefit is powered by Shapecrunch’s proprietary technology, where we 3D print the insole according to the anatomy of the foot. Shapefit is commonly used for: running, walking, working out, or just for those who desire extra comfort in their stance. You can also indicate your pain points that you may have in our app while ordering, and extra cushioning will be provided in these regions.