Achilles Tendon 

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How to treat with Achilles Tendon?

Shapecrunch provides Custom Orthotics and arch support sandals to reduce the pain in the sole 

What is Achilles Tendon ?

Achilles Tendon, the heel cord which is known as the calcaneal tendon is the tendon that occurs at the back of the lower leg in the Achilles heel. It is the largest tendon and thickest in the human body. 


Proper stretching of the leg is the best way to prevent Achilles tendon. 


1. The main symptom is the development of pain around the tendons which increases gradually and worsens over time.

2. The lower legs feel stiff, weaker, and slow

3. The pain that occurs at the back of the leg after walking, running, or exercising 

4. Difficulty in climbing stairs, running faster, etc


  1. Noninsertional Achilles tendinitis - the type of Achilles tendon that’s common amongst the younger age wherein, the fibers between the tendons break down, swell, or thickens.

  2. Insertional Achilles tendinitis - A type of Achilles tendon that affects the lower part of the tendons

  3. Wearing uncomfortable or poorly fitted shoes that lacks proper arch support

  4. Not doing a proper warm-up before exercising 

  5. Running or jogging on hard surfaces

  6. Putting stress of Achilles heel while running or doing strenuous sport activities

  7. Sudden strenuous activity such as sprinting for the finish line

Achilles Tendon TREATMENT

How Shapecrunch's Custom Insoles and Sandals provide the best Achilles Tendon treatment?

100% Customisation possible with Shapecrunch's advance technology

Achilles tendon is the region in the back of the leg just below the ankle where several tendons of the leg meet. Certain exercises require repetitive motions which may cause Achilles tendon injury and possibly even an Achilles tendon rupture.

Pain in the Achilles tendon region can be relieved and prevented through custom insoles.

Arch Support, Offloading, Metatarsal Pad, Lateral, and Medial Wedging, Varia
ble density and several other possibilities with 3D printing

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Sports Person 

Heel Pain

I am a sport person and highly require my foot and legs fitness. Due to vigorous exercise I was suffering from heel pain since more than 6 months. Doctors advised me to use orthotic insoles. Got the information about Shapecrunch through the Internet and contacted in the given number. The phone call was responded by jatin who seemed to be a knowledgeable and cooperating guy. My brother who was visiting me from USA also had similar problem and was prescribed for same. We both ordered total 4 pairs of insoles and got them made in just 3-4 days. We both are using them since then and now are in great relief. Happy with the service and the product. The staff is very cooperating, they even showed up the process of making these. Product are also very good, useful and value for money. Highly recommend it.

Home Maker

Plantar Fasciitis

I had developed plantar fasciitis in June 2019 & had undergone physiotherapy, exercised for over two months with little improvement. Then I discovered Shapecrunch who recommended customised insoles after examination of my feet & underlying problem. I have flat feet. With regular use, my pain has almost vanished. I ordered a second pair recently which was delivered promptly.
What is needed is summerwear, i.e.sandals, chappals for wearing at home. I was surprised to receive a call today for this only which I look forward to.
Thank you, Shapecrunch; keep it up.


Plantar Fasciitis

I was suffering from acute Planter Fascitis (heel pain) and with 2-3 days of wearing these insoles the pain has vanished! This is an awesome product and I use it everyday for 8-10 hours.

Strongly recommend Shape crunch insoles to anyone with foot issues.


Apart from using insoles or customized footwear, the following remedies are useful too


Apply ice pack on the back of the heel and all over the heel area.

Use essential oils to massage the area - use lavender, coconut, and rosemary oil as it would reduce the pain due to their anti-inflammatory properties

Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) add some Epsom salt in lukewarm  water and dip your feet in the water and massage them gently

Use apple cider vinegar as it would help to take excessive calcium out of the bones and provide relief to the foot.





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