Nitin Gandhi

Co-Founder & CEO
Hustler, Co-Founded 3D printing startup before. Experience in multiple startups.

Jatin Sharma

Co-Founder & Product Head
Mechanical Engineer and Designer, Technical Co-Founder of 3D printing startup before.

Jiten Saini

Co-Founder & Technology Head
Software Developer and Mechanical Engineer. Experience in multiple Tech startups.

Saurabh Rustagi

Co-Founder & Business Development Head
Business Head with vast experience in E-Commerce, Hyperlocal and Software domain.

Arunan Arivalagan

Co-Founder & Global Expansion Head
Vast experience in selling orthopaedic products in US, EU, Canada and APAC.

Aarti Poddar

Chief Orthotist
Vast Experience in Orthotics and Prosthetics. Masters in Orthotics and Prosthetics.

Akshay Saini

Production Head
Manufacturing Process & Automation Engineer

Krishna Murari

Production Engineer
Machinist, and a Mechanical engineer

Jashandeep Singh

Design Engineer
Machinist, Mechanical engineer and Designer