Nitin Gandhi

Co-Founder & CEO
Hustler, Co-Founded 3D printing startup before. Experience in multiple startups.

Jatin Sharma

Co-Founder & Product Head
Mechanical Engineer and Designer, Technical Co-Founder of 3D printing startup before.

Jiten Saini

Co-Founder & Technology Head
Software Developer and Mechanical Engineer. Experience in multiple Tech startups.

Saurabh Rustagi

Co-Founder & Business Development Head
Business Head with vast experience in E-Commerce, Hyperlocal and Software domain.

Aarti Poddar

Chief Orthotist
Vast Experience in Orthotics and Prosthetics. Masters in Orthotics and Prosthetics.

Akshay Saini

Production Head
Manufacturing Process & Automation Engineer

Krishna Murari

Production Engineer
Machinist, and a Mechanical engineer

Jashandeep Singh

Design Engineer
Machinist, Mechanical engineer and Designer