Diabetic foot is one of the most significant and devastating complications of diabetes, and is defined as a foot affected by ulceration that is associated with neuropathy and/or peripheral arterial disease of the lower limb in a patient with diabetes.
Stages of Diabetic Foot ulcers, Insoles for Diabetic Feet

How to Identify?

Due to the peripheral nerve dysfunction (due to high blood sugar levels) associated with diabetes , patients have a reduced ability to feel pain. This means that minor injuries may remain undiscovered for a long while.

Such people has high risk of having diabetic foot and should start taking preventive measures immediately.

Why not ignore it?

Approximately 5-15% of diabetic foot patients with ulcers will require an amputation which is a huge number. Proper foot care and medical check ups are compulsory to avoid this.

How Shapecrunch’s insoles will help?

Shapecrunch’s diabetic insoles are one of the best preventive measures for diabetic foot.

All the insoles are custom made using proprietary computer vision algorithm which analyzes the foot pressure and creates an insole which distributes the pressure evenly.

Moreover, all the insoles are padded with antibacterial layer and extra cushioning which ensures most comfortable environment for your feet.
If you already have ulcers, adjustments can be made in the insole which will help in healing the ulcer faster.