Why Custom Insoles ?

Feel like you are walking on air with Shapecrunch Orthotics' innovative custom 3D printed orthotics with Arch Support ! Fully custom made to suit your individual foot pronation and biomechanic needs, our custom orthotic insoles are exceptionally comfortable to wear shoe insert. Everyone's feet are unique, so custom orthotics is the best way to treat your own individual foot problems and prevent them from reoccurring.


Shock Absorption
Provides Stability
Durable (1 year Warranty)
Corrects Biomechanics

So how does it work?

3D Printed Orthotic Insole, with custom arch support, poron cushioning, heel cup

What Custom Insole is made of ?

Our unique custom insoles feature two layers for supreme comfort, effectiveness, and durability. The upper layer is made from Poron, a breathable, shock-absorbing material which cushions the foot and has anti-microbial properties to keep feet feeling fresh and healthy. The second layer is a revolutionary 3D printed compound plastic (PLA) and rubber material which provides optimum arch support and helps correct your foot's biomechanics, giving you relief from joint and heel pain caused by flat feet or plantar fasciitis.