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Fully Custom Orthotics - Available at $40 + Shipping

Everyone's foot is different. Each foot requires different footwear according to pronation, biomechanics, arch, pressure points. 3 out of 10 Knee arthritis patients had neglected foot problems such as Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain. We make Custom Orthotics, fully customised to your feet, which provides excellent arch support and that can inserted in any shoe type.

Comfort, Durable, Anti-Microbial

Shapecrunch's Custom Insole is dual layer Insole, which has 3D Printed Flexible PLA Base, a compound of Plastic & Rubber, and Poron as upper layer for Cushioning. With 3D Printing, we are able to generate optimum arche support and can be variable density Poron provides excellent shock absorption and is anti-microbial.

App screen

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You Click

Step 1 : You Click 3 Foot Pictures

We Just need 3 pictures of each foot and shoe size from our app to make a perfect custom orthotic for you. From each picture and data your provide, accordingly we make custom arche support, heel cup, and shape it to make a comfortable shoe insert

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Unlimited Customization

Step 2 : We make your Custom Insole

Our Orthotist, Engineers, and Designers get together to design the perfect solution based on your foot pictures and information provided from the app. After 3D Modelling, the Insole is 3D Printed

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Quality Product

Step 3 : We ship your Insole

We ship your Custom made Insole to your address. Remove the existing Insole and wear Shapecrunch's Custom Insole, which serve as a perfect shoe insert for all your shoes.

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Available on iOS and Android

Download Shapecrunch's app by clicking the link below and order custom Insoles made for your feet
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  • We require just 3 pictures of each foot from your smartphone to make those perfect custom Insoles
    Our app already has templates, you just need to put the foot inside template while clicking pictures.
  • First Foot picture measures your foot shape to make perfect shoe insert for you
    From Shoe size(provided later) and this foot picture, we calculate foot shape to make a perfect shoe insert for you.
  • Side stretched pic to make perfect arche support for you.
    From Side stretched we calculate your arche dimensions, also it helps us determine flexible or rigidity of flat feet. Accordingly we make flatfeet insoles
  • Back Picture to calculate varus-valgus Angle to provide perfect wedging & Arche support
    From back picture angle of deviation is calculated and accordingly we provide correction in your custom orthotics.
  • From Activity level, we estimate 3D Printing density that decides rigidity of custom orthotic insole
    From your activity level and pain area, fully custom arche support is made.
  • Tap all pain areas on each foot, it helps in shaping custom orthotics
    To ensure you live pain free we shape the insole to optimize pressure in your foot, so that your foot remains pain free
  • Adding Doctor's Prescription provides one more data point for your custom Insole
    As per Doctor's prescription we modify the insole to make it fully corrective custom orthotic
  • This inputs whether its requires for sports, comfort and flat foot, plantar fasciitis and diabetes.
    Depending on purpose you need the insole for, we custom make your orthotic to make it perfect shoe insert
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  • My job requires a lot of travel. Earlier, after a while my heel used to ache. After wearing Shapecrunch's Orthotics my efficiency has increased and I live Pain free now.
    IshanSales Manager
  • I have tried a lot of Insoles. Nothing could solve my problem of pain because of fallen arche. I met shapecrunch team during one of the check up. After I got the first pair, I felt relief in my foot pain and I immediately ordered one more pair for other shoes.
    CM ChabraManaging Director

Clinical Research with AIIMS

Shapecrunch is persuing Clinical Research with AIIMS to make the products better and solving foot problems still unsolved

We are Global

We ship internationally. Our Insoles are made in Germany and India. We have a partner - Inzoles in Sweden too. Several clinics in India and Europe are using our product.

Top TECH30 startups of 2015

We were among top TECH30 startups of 2015 by YourStory

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